League of Legends Coaching – How to Become a Neace

League of Legends Coaching

While hiring a driving instructor that only plays Gran Turismo is probably not a good idea, hiring League of Legends Coaching is the perfect solution. The experience and skills of a master are passed down from mentor to apprentice, much like Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg and Plato taught Aristotle. Here are a few tips to get you started playing as a Neace. This guide will help you achieve success in the game and get the most out of your skills.


Elventus is a brand new kind of League of Legends coach. It puts a huge emphasis on game depth and psychological support, as well as mental health. Players of Elventus receive ongoing psychological support and top-tier LoL coaching plans. Elventus players learn how to customize their builds, strategies, and tactics, and have long-term aspirations to improve their League rank. If you’d like to become an Elventus player, here are some tips for getting the most from your training.


The former cloud9 player and current coach, Sneakylol, was originally from Australia. In the spring split of 2013, he helped his echipă finish second, and then inside the top eight at the League of Legends World Championships. He also earned a spot on the second LCS All-Pro Team. After leaving Cloud9, he coached the team for a year, and then took over SLPC. In 2014, Sneakylol led his team to a NA LCS Spring and Summer split championship, and he won both qualifying events. In 2015, he took over SLPC, and he’s currently the head coach of the team.


While most online gamers would not think of becoming a League of Legends coach, NEACE has actually done just that. He has spent the last several years building his brand as an expert on the game. In 2013, he made his first video, titled 10 tips for making Diamond in a solo queue. In 2015, he started offering coaching sessions for $20 a pop. But soon after, he got burned out and switched to Fortnite. He then came back to League of Legends and increased his prices. Today, he charges over $700 per session and offers boot camps and four-day training courses.


Are you interested in learning how to improve your League of Legends playing skills? If so, you can always turn to bettergamer for some League of Legends coaching. The service offers lessons that can be incredibly beneficial for your game. You can choose from a variety of instructors who are experienced in the game and have a lot of success in previous coaching customers. You can choose a coach based on his or her experience and preferences, and you can discuss everything with them directly. You can also check out the coaches’ team to see if the coach is a champion.