Hygienic and Aromatic Truck Floor Mats

hygienic aromatic truck floor mats

There are various benefits of using hygienic & aromatic truck floor mats. The first and foremost benefit is their scent. The smell of fresh and fragrant linseed oil makes them a good choice for vehicles that are constantly on the move. These mats are also safe for passengers to sit on and do not contribute to the buildup of bacteria. Hygienic and aromatic truck carpets are also a great choice for cars that tend to have a high percentage of ash and grime.

Keeping your truck floor mats clean

Using an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant is a great way to keep your truck floor mats clean and odor-free. This solution circulates and settles, eliminating a wide variety of bacteria and viruses. Keeping vinyl and rubber mats clean requires more than a wipedown. If you don’t have a machine that can clean floor mats, you can use a high-pressure spray bottle and a strong stream of water.

First, vacuum the mats thoroughly with a shop vac. You can also use a hose to remove loose dirt and crumbs. Always be sure to hose the mats dry on both sides. Then, apply petroleum jelly to give them a glossy finish. If the mats are too dirty to be wiped with a hose, you can add a few drops of Dawn dish soap to the water.

Cleaning them with a dish soap

The easy-to-clean floor mats of your truck are a great way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and hygienic. They are made from advanced Japanese Silver Ion technology, which allows for thorough cleaning. Using a dish soap solution mixed with warm water, you should scrub the mats with a medium-bristled brush. This will activate the cleaning properties of the dishwashing liquid.

Using a garden hose to rinse them off

If you want to clean your truck floor mats, you can use a garden hose and a spray bottle of soapy water. Be sure to rinse the floor mats on both sides, so that the soapy water can be removed completely. If the water you use is hard or contains calcium, use an air compressor to remove the standing water. Then, use a soft cloth to dry the floor mats.

Once the mats are thoroughly dry, you can put them in the dryer or hang them up to dry. To avoid a damp smell, you can use an upholstery cleaner such as Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner Dri-Clean Plus. It has a patented odor-elimination technology and an integrated brush cap that will pick up dug-in debris. Another water-based floor mat cleaner that can be used to clean your mats is Car Guys Premium Super Cleaner.