League of Legends Coaching

When it comes to League of Legends Coaching, there are many things to consider. Credentials, results, and tracking improvement are all important. Before choosing a coach, be sure to read this article. There are many benefits to using a coach. Here are some of them. This is an excellent way to improve your League of Legends playstyle! It also helps you to stay on the same page with your teammates. If you’re new to the game, check out the article below for some tips.


If you’re looking to coach a team, you’ll need to look at League of Legends coaches. Like traditional sports coaches, they’ll appear alongside players on the sidelines in League of Legends competitions. Coaches are a crucial part of any team, whether it’s a new or seasoned team. In addition to their strategic advice, a coach will have a great deal of experience playing the game.

In addition to experience as a player, a League of Legends coach must have a strong resume to get the job. You can look for a coach on a site like Better Gamer. There, you can find coaches based on their experience, ranking, and skill level. These coaches will help motivate your players to improve their game. They will also teach you new team fight tactics and LOL coaching techniques. Coaches should be able to communicate in a clear, concise manner with their students.


Getting certified as a League of Legends coach is a great way to further your career in the esports industry. The certification program is divided into four levels that cover a range of competitive titles. Each level covers a different aspect of the game, and the requirements increase as one progresses up the levels. Coaches can move up from lower levels to higher ones, but they must have proven their credentials and have had some esports coaching experience before being approved to teach the game.

League of Legends coaches have to be active in the competitive scene. They should have a high soloq ranking, as well as experience in different roles. It is also important to have a deep knowledge of the game and a good analytical mind, but teams are becoming more lax with these requirements. However, it is still important to find a coach with a good reputation in the game community before hiring them.


When you hire a coach to play League of Legends, you can expect to be taught more about the game than just the basics. The process of warding, a vital part of the game, is explained as well. The main map, called Summoner’s Rift, is divided into three lanes, separated by jungle. Each lane requires a different strategy. Lux, for example, thrives in the middle lane because it’s the fastest way to reach the two bases of the game. You can also count on Isles to point out some trouble spots for mid-laners.

The most recent results of League of Legends coaching are quite remarkable. A team led by Nick “LS” De Cesare won the 31st SEA Games in 2022, becoming the first to win the entire competition. LS coached four games, including the grand final against the Philippines. The team went undefeated throughout the event and reached the finals in first place. LS’s success in the game was a testament to his skills.

Tracking improvement

There are many factors to consider when tracking improvement in League of Legends coaching. As a result, it can be difficult to identify individual improvements in a game. This is especially true of the CSing skill, which can be particularly challenging to master when the other team’s champions are aggressive and zone away from their minions. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to track improvement in League of Legends coaching, such as reviewing replays.

For the best results, players should create a detailed log of their improvement. This will help them identify which areas need improvement. As League of Legends players are notoriously fast-paced, they may not have time to consult a manual. As such, a coach can point out individual mistakes and provide tailored advice. They can also set goals and provide accountability so players can meet these goals. And with a system for tracking improvement, it can be easier to keep track of progress than ever before.