Amadeep Steel Centre – A Success Story

amardeep steel

“Amardeep steel plantĀ is a world-famous steel plant manufacturing and exporting of alloy steel in over 90 countries worldwide.” Amadeep is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of alloy steel worldwide. The plant has six production lines for making different types of steel. It uses advanced and state of art technologies to manufacture steel products. Amadeep deals in the manufacturing, transportation, selling, and distribution of alloy steel.

Today, India is one of the important destinations for the manufacture of stainless steel. Since 1984 Amadeep steel plants has been providing quality steel products with best manufacturing services all across the globe. Amadeep steel products are manufactured in various departments like pipe making department, plate & pan making department, sheet & strip making department, hot dip galvanizing department and sheet & strip finishing department. The company is also listed as a registered vendor with Ministry of Development of India. As far as the quality of the steel products is concerned, the products are tested many times before being exported.

The process equipments are mainly used for welding and melting the raw material together in order to form different products. All the machines are designed by the renowned industrialists of Indian origin. Many companies across the world are also using the same high quality products that are manufactured at Amadeep steel centre. Most of the global customers are satisfied with the products that are manufactured here. Most of the customer comments and customer reviews can be seen on the websites of Amadeep steel centre.

Some of the common customers that come to Amadeep steel factory are: Wipro, Giraphal, Unitech, Essar, Hiranandani, KHS, MTU, Unitech, Bhindranom, Fiat, Tata, Hyundai, Skoda, Nissan, Setra, ThyssenKrupp Access, ICI group, CTS, Apollo group, Generali group, Kocher, Kerex, Velsa, etc. These companies have their own unique requirements for the welding process equipments. Each of the company’s requirements are unique in nature and the welding equipments have to be made accordingly, to meet the exacting needs of the respective company. This also ensures the quality and durability of the products. The main aim is to provide work for the customers with the help of state of the art process equipments.

Since inception, Amadeep steel centre has set a lot of innovative standards for themselves that they have been successful in achieving. They are a company of global excellence and look forward to international growth in future. They are constantly exploring new technologies in order to remain in competition with other companies from all over the world. They are working on very efficient and new process equipments to achieve consistent high quality of welds and production in heavy duty welding industry. They have set an example in the industry by manufacturing products that are not only durable but also cost effective.

The year 1984 was the beginning of a golden age for Amadeep steel centre. The year that Amadeep steel industry saw its first success story. This was the year that the first series of pipes were manufactured from steel bars. These pipes were used to manufacture pipe joints. These pipes were extremely heavy and required a lot of care while handling. In order to avoid the occurrence of any kind of accidents due to heavy load and pressure, these pipes were manufactured using high quality of alloy and also employed welding processes that are highly specialized and complex.

A year later in the year 1984 the facility gained another success in the form of the first pressure vessel. This huge pressure vessel was manufactured in a much shorter span of time and required even less amount of care. This new process equipment like the pressure vessel was an immense hit among the masses. The following years saw the manufacturing of the steels in a larger scale. In order to meet the growing demands of the market, the company started assembling the various components that are needed to manufacture high-quality steel products. This new foundry in UK also saw the manufacturing of the pipes that are found in homes, buildings, hospitals and industries.

Amadeep steel centre has gone through several changes since its establishment. During this period, various new products were introduced into the market. Some of these products included pipes, plates and coils, clamps and many more. These quality products have helped in generating thousands of jobs for UK. With the continued growth story, this company is expected to continue being a leader in the industry.